Listener and Event

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G6 manages events by combining the Behavior and Mode. Besides, G6 provides lots of listeners for single events and timing, which monitor the canvas/nodes/edges and the timing of function call. These events can be categorized into the following four levels:

  • The events of canvas and graphics shapes, e.g. mousedown, mouseup, click, mouseenter, mouseleave, and so on;
  • The events on nodes/edges, e.g. node:mousedown, edge:click, and so on. It is named as type:eventName;
  • The timing events:

    • The timing of adding/removing/modifying a node/edge, e.g. beforeadditem, afteradditem, and so on;
    • The timing of states change on node/edge: beforerefreshitem and afterrefreshitem;
    • The timing of layout change: beforelayout and afterlayout.

For more information about the events in G6, please refer to Event API.

All the events are mounted on the graph:

graph.on('click', (ev) => {
  const shape =;
  const item = ev.item;
  if (item) {
    const type = item.getType();

graph.on('node:click', (ev) => {
  const shape =;
  const node = ev.item;